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Existing appointments may be rescheduled. An appointment should be arranged with the applicant beforehand.


You use the calendar integration Plus? Then you can simply tell the applicants when moving appointments that they can reload the appointment booking page for updated appointment selection. Thanks to automatic redirection, the original link remains valid even after the appointment booking has been processed.

If you reschedule an appointment to book a different room, you do not need to inform the applicant by sending new correspondence - this information should remain internal.


Moving appointments requires at least one correspondence template with the Available at: Move appointment. If necessary, first perform the Create correspondence template step. When composing the message text, use the placeholder row Old Appointment to specify the appointment data before the move, and New Appointment to specify the updated appointment data, if necessary.


Necessary Rights

  • View and edit application
  • View activities and history of the application

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the application with the appointment you want to move.
  2. Activate the Activities tab.
  3. On the Appointments tab, click the icon next to the appointment you want to move. The input form Move appointment is displayed.
  4. The appointment details are preset with the current values. Change the data as needed.
  5. Select a desired template in the Correspondence template field. The Subject and Content fields of the correspondence template are displayed.
  6. Modify the text in the Content field if necessary. If necessary, use the Old Appointment placeholder row to specify the appointment data before the move, and New Appointment to specify the updated appointment data.
  7. Are you using Calendar Integration Plus?
  8. To give the applicants the possibility to choose a suitable appointment themselves, you can insert the placeholder Appointment booking - link to booking page ( {APPOINTMENT_BOOKING:LINK} ). You want to display the link as text? Read here. 
  9. Press the Move appointment button to save the changes. The Application page will be displayed. The sent e-mail will be saved in the application history.


  • Moving appointments can be done by all users
    Users with access to the Activities tab in the Application, can move appointments. Appointment postponements can thus be performed independently of the appointment organizer. If another user moves the appointment, the following message is displayed:
    The appointment is moved on behalf of the organizer First Name Last Name. The organizer is not informed about it separately.
  • Changing an MS Teams appointment to an on-site appointment

    If an appointment is set as an MS Teams appointment, it can be moved.

    However, the appointment cannot be changed to an on-site appointment. To do this, the old appointment must be cancelled and a new one created.

  • Calendar of the appointment organizer is disconnected
    The appointment cannot be moved. The following message is displayed:
    The calendar of the appointment organizer First name Last name is not connected. Initiate reconnection or cancel the appointment and create a new one."
    If the appointment is canceled, the following message appears:
    The calendar of the appointment organizer First Name Last Name is not connected. Therefore, the appointment will not be automatically removed from the participants' calendars. The participants will be notified by e-mail. 
  • External participants are those to whom the appointment was forwarded outside d.vinci.
    They will be retained when the appointment is rescheduled and cannot be deselected. Their availability is also not taken into account, since the calendars are not connected to d.vinci. Please check the availabilities of the external participants in your company calendar before.
  • The appointment status of the external participants will be reset to Pending when the appointment is rescheduled. 
  • The applicant will receive an email with the correspondence regarding the appointment rescheduling. 
  • Appointment participants do not receive any information about the appointment postponement by e-mail. The new appointment appears in the calendar without notification.
  • Appointment postponement is listed in the application history.

 Content of the e-mail at your appointment participants:

Salutation XYZ,

an appointment has been postponed:

Application: Salutation First name Last name

Organizer: First name Last name

Job Opening: Announcement title

Application from: Date of application

Application status: Candidate's application status

Old appointment

Time: xx.xx.xxxx at xx:xx o'clock


New appointment

Time: xx.xx.xxxx at xx:xx o'clock 


This calendar entry was generated automatically. Cancellations and appointment suggestions are not processed automatically.

The appointment is coordinated by: First name Last name


This email was generated automatically. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department.