Explanation of terms

You can invite applicants to appointments. The kind of the appointment determines you thereby absolutely. It can be, for example, job interviews or telephone interviews.



Application statuses can be provided with an appointment functionality.
When creating or changing the application status, one of the following options must be selected in the Status change functionality area in the Appointment field:

  • Start appointment poll
  • Confirm appointment
  • Confirm appointment (with optional MS Teams meeting invitation)
  • Invite to online interview


Behavior in the System

  • Naming application status
    It is recommended to give the application status a name that refers to the type of appointment.
    For example: First interview (phone interview), Second interview (via teams) etc. 
  • Appointment overview
    • Appointments can be viewed in the application in the tab Activities in the area Appointments . Here the date and period as well as the participants are displayed. 
    • Appointments pending for all candidates appear in the Application List in the tab Appointments.
  • Correspondence
    Appointments always require a correspondence template for the appointment confirmation.
    By placeholders data of the appointment can be inserted into the correspondence template.
    Attachments in the correspondence template can be, for example, information about the arrival.
  • Comments about the appointment.
  • Reschedule
    If an appointment should not take place anymore, for example because a candidate had to cancel the first appointment proposal, it is possible to postpone this appointment
  • Appointment Organization
    • Receive appointments as a calendar entryAre you an organiser of an event and would like to receive a calendar entry? Register as an appointment participant.
      Private appointments
      Appointment invitations can be sent/marked as private. Other colleagues who look at the calendar in the participant's e-mail programme will no longer see the contents of the appointment, but only the note "Private appointment" (in Outlook). It is also not possible for others who are only authorised to read the appointment to open it.
      Time display
      The display in the appointment mask depends on the language setting in the browser.
      If the browser is set to English, the date and decimal number entries are displayed with AM and PM according to the language.
      Change the browser language to German to get the 24-hour time format.
  • Calendar entry
    • If an option with iCal  is activated in the basic settings in the Calendar tab for the Send email for appointments function, internal participants will receive an email with an iCal file, with which they can save the appointment in the calendar.
    • Applicants get with the confirmation of an appointment, an iCal attachment with subject and content of the email. This allows applicants to save the appointment directly in their calendar. If the appointment is moved, the original entry is replaced by the new one. 


      Applicants have the option in the iCal file to press acceptances, with reservations, or rejections. However, the applicant's response will not be transferred to d.vinci. Applicants will be asked to contact you accordingly in the text if the date does not fit.

      Text to applicants

      This calendar entry was generated automatically. Confirmations and cancellations will only be processed in your calendar and will not be provided to the sender. If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

    • Data on appointments can be evaluated via the reporting API. 

Status of appointments

You can see the decision of the appointment participants in the Activities tab of the application as an icon. Here you will also see the decisions of participants who are forwarded the appointment and may not have d.vinci access.
 = Accepted
The participant has accepted.
Attendees who use the calendar integration and whose availability for an appointment could be checked are immediately set to the status Accepted (Confirmed) 

 = Maybe
Participants have conditionally accepted.
 = Pending
The participant has not yet made a decision, had the appointment forwarded outside of d.vinci, or had no calendar connected when they were sent the appointment.

 = Rejected
Participant cancelled the appointment after receiving it.


The status Accepted will also be displayed if the participant should not have had time according to his calendar when booking. Therefore, please make sure to select only free slots or coordinate with your colleagues beforehand.

How our customers use this

Many customers enable their candidates MS team interviews and brand new is the ability for candidates to book themselves an appointment through our Calendar Integration Plus. With the Plus version, rooms can now be booked for appointment that are to take place on-site. With the Basic version of Calendar Integration it's definitely faster to find an appointment that suits all internal participants, as calendars in your company can be accessed once they have been connected to d.vinci.