Additonally to creating manual tasks you can create automated tasks to instruct the system to invite onboardees to the employee portal.

You can do this for each onboardee individually or as a task template within reusable task packages.

Required Rights  

  • Create tasks
  • Create task packages

Create Task: Invite to Employee Portal

Proceed as follows:

  • Open the page Onboardings.
  • Click the name of the onboardee to open their onboarding.
  • Activate the Tasks tab.
  • Click  . The list of additional actions is displayed. Then press the  Task: Invite to Employee Portal button. The input form Task Template for Portal Invitation is displayed.
  • Fill in the input form: Mandatory field are marked with a star*, all others are optional.
    • Due Date* - Specifies when the task will be done, i.e. when the invitation will be sent.
    • Employee Portal Configuration - Specifies the visual appearance of the employee portal.
    • Notify When Done- The system notifies the selected users when the task has been finished.

      Comments on completed tasks

      When you write a comment on a completed task, the system will notify you right below the comment field about which responsibilities will be informed about this comment individually.

Create Task Template: Invite to Employee Portal

Proceed as follows:

  • Follow the instructions for creating or editing a task package.
  • In the task package, press the  Task Template: Invite to Employee Portal button and follow the steps described above.