Explanation of terms

Job ads can be submitted to our media team through agency channels as part of our full-service ad placement.
There you will receive attractive prices and, for example, the following services:

  • Extensive media consulting and recommendation of suitable channels
  • AGG-compliant text preparation and proofreading
  • Ad design, layout check
  • Preview link for your internal approval processes
  • Placement and circuit control
  • On request regular reporting



Read here how to configure agency channels.


Behavior in the system

  • Activated agency channels appear as a selection option in the job publication under the interfaces you can control with ON/OFF.
  • Agency channels must first be expanded via the   icon. After that, an info text appears and the button request price.
  • After you have pressed the button  Request price , a page opens with more information and the possibility to enter contact person, a order number and additional information.
  • After you have made the entries, an email will be send out to our media team. Do not worry, if this is your first booking, the colleagues will concact you before anything is fixed. 

How our customers use this

Our mediateam assists you around the job ad placement. From texting, about spelling and AGG check and fit to the requirement, to the job board recommendation or the contingent placement. We are a helping hand.