The Job Advertisement is the applicant's visible representation of the job you have to fill.

The external representation is composed of the following elements (from internal to external): Layout, Job Advertisement Template, Job Opening and Job Publication.

Service - Job advertisement layout and job list

You want to change the design of your job ads? Job ad, job list, application form and/or thank you page need a revision? 

In the Application Portal you can decide whether the Job Advertisement should be activated (i. e. displayed to the applicant) or not.

Here you have various setting options:

  • Yes: More options will open. 
    • Fixed Job Advertisement Template - Yes: When creating a Job Publication, an individual Job Advertisement Template can be selected.


      The selection in the Job Publication will be overwritten by that of the application portal.

    • Fixed Job Advertisement Template - No: The selected Job Advertisement Template will be displayed if no custom Job Advertisement Template is selected in the Job Publication.


      The selection in the Job Publication overwrites the selection of the application portal.

  • No: When selecting any Job Opening, the applicant will be redirected directly to the application form.


    The back button is hidden in the application form. If the Job Advertisement is enabled, it will redirect the applicant back to the Job Advertisement.

    For example, the Job Advertisement will not be activated whenever you display your jobs on your website via a CMS. In this case, the CMS gets its information directly from the interface of your d.vinci and does not need a Job Advertisement.


    The following Open Graph Tags (which can be used to influence the display in Facebook and Twitter) are included in the Job Advertisement and output via interface

    • title: Page Title of the Job Publication
    • description: Short Description of the Job Publication
    • image: Selected Media Image in the Job Publication 
    • url: Shortened URL to External Publication e. g.: