Applicants can also apply to you via WhatsApp.

In this case, instead of the application form, the link to a WhatsApp application chat is included in the job advertisement. At the end of the chat, the applicant's data is transferred directly to your d.vinci applicant management and the application can be processed as usual. We make this possible for you with our partner PitchYou.

Learn more about the benefits of this application option in our webinar recording (Video in German)

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To the content of the video  
  • How did the idea of making applications possible with WhatsApp came up? (1:00)
  • Studies and KPIs on the topic (1:57)
  • How is the offer accepted and what must the applicant do? (5:10)
  • We show an example integration and the process for the applicant (6:42)
  • What happens to applicants who do not go through the process up the end? (16:48)
  • Questions in the language of the applicant (17:49)
  • Recommendation function for the job ad (19:27)
  • What is the target audience? (20:46)
  • How does the integration of the function work? (23:00)
  • We test the WhatsApp application with PitchYou (25:23)
  • Questions from our webinar participants 
    • What does it take to be able to use the feature? (26:09)
    • Is there a new application type in the system? (27:35)
    • What is the cost of the offer? (28:38)
    • What is the privacy policy? (30:40)
    • How is the reporting of applications done? (32:25)
    • Does the application automatically end up in d.vinci? (33:16)
    • Is there any reporting from PitchYou? (34:23)
    • What happens to the data when the application is abandoned and in general at PitchYou? (35:33)
    • Can documents be submitted later? (36:58)

Would you like to learn more? (Video in German)

Have a look here: Recruiting with WhatsApp - Success Story of our client Woolworth

In a joint webinar between Woolworth, PitchYou and d.vinci, we show you how Woolworth offers applicants modern application options - with the help of PitchYou and d.vinci.

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