Explanation of Term

A questionnaire is a form used to request specific information from the applicant on a post-test basis. Questionnaires refer back to previously created questions. 


&Um;via the Questionnaire page, new Bögen can be created via + Questionnaire . By pressing a questionnaire name and the edit icon, an existing questionnaire can be edited.

Possible tabs in the questionnaires

  • Data
    This sets the basic configurations of the questionnaire.
  • Intro page
    Before the applicant fills out the questionnaire, a preliminary page can be shown. This can be used as an introduction to the topic.
    It can be enabled/disabled directly in the tab Intro page.
  • Form
    Here the fields of the form are selected, already created screening questions added and all consent texts maintained (U16 applications, privacy, extended use) 
  • Confirmation Page
    After the applicant has completed the questionnaire and pressed submit, he/she will receive at least one success message. Other content can be maintained.

Behavior in the System

  • Questions that can be linked to the questionnaire are those that we have previously stored as defaults in the system, Screening questions or form fields of type applicant feedback.
  • Information from screening questions is stored in the application.
  • Answers from feedback questions can be evaluated in reporting. 
  • For each application form, a separate confirmation of receipt can be sent.
  • The applicant form consists of the tabs Data, Preview page,  Form and Bestätigung page. 
  • Feedbackbögen have only tabs Data and Form.
  • Questionnaire (to send) has tabs Form and Bestätigung page.
  • Is a preview page on a application sheet activated icon  or a few icons to LinkedIn, Xing and Co. in the functions in the list of applicant questionnaire. 

Questionnaire types and their use 

Application Questionnaire

An applicant form is the questionnaire that applicants use to submit their application information. Candidates access applicant forms when they apply via job advertisements or unsolicited applications.

Read more about Creating an application form.

Feedback Questionnaire

A feedback questionnaire provides the opportunity to gather comprehensive feedback on the entire application process.
A feedback questionnaire is sent following the final decision. Whether applicants have been hired or rejected, feedback forms give them the opportunity to evaluate all aspects of the application process in retrospect. You can evaluate this information in corresponding reports to improve your application process.

The feedback form requires the Candidate Experience Module to be enabled.


This questionnaire is communicated by email. Add it to a correspondence template for this purpose. Recipients can access the questionnaire by clicking on a link contained in the e-mail. Include this link in the correspondence text using the placeholder Questionnaire - URL so that it appears in the email.

Read more here on Creating a feedback questionnaire

Questionnaire (for Forwarding)

A questionnaire for Forwarding is used to obtain applicant information after the fact and thus follows the applicant form. It is used, for example, when the actual application form needs to be as short as possible in order to make it less difficult for candidates to apply. Once the application has been received, further applicant information can be obtained afterwards via the questionnaire for forwarding.

Questionnaires for forwarding use screening questions to request applicant information. 

The sending questionnaire aims to complete the applicant information on which the following application process will be based. Accordingly, the feedback questions included only serve to assess this initial phase.

Application examples: 

  • Request documents 
  • Privacy statement of manually collected applications
  • Consent to be included in candidate pool after rejection
  • Garment size for protective clothing prior to trial work


This questionnaire will be communicated by email. For this purpose, it is necessary to add it to a correspondence template . Recipients can access the questionnaire by clicking on a link contained in the e-mail. The link must be included in the correspondence text using the placeholder questionnaire URL so that it appears in the email.

Read here how to send a questionnaire .

Appointment Survey

When you create appointments, you specify the date and time. This works well if there are only two people attending the appointment. However, if you want to invite three or more people to an appointment, the appointment setting process may become more complicated. Before you set the appointment, you can start an internal appointment survey. This allows you to offer different scheduling options. The participants can select all the options available to them. As an appointment organizer, you can then select the appointment with the most üagreement, and only then send out the actual appointment invitation.


This questionnaire is communicated by email. Ad it to a correspondence template. Recipients can access the questionnaire by clicking on a link contained in the e-mail. Include this link in the correspondence body via the placeholder Appointment Survey - Link to Appointment Survey so that it appears in the email.

Read here how to create the internal appointment survey

kununu Feedback Questionnaire

Feedback with kununu provides the opportunity to receive feedback from applicants about your recruiting process after they have completed an application process. Therefore applicants fill out a questionnaire. The answers can be transferred to kununu and thus become visible in your kununu company profile. You can also view the feedback in your d.vinci reporting.

Read more here about Feedback with kununu

This is how our customers use it

Some customers have set up feedback questionnaires to get feedback on the process or for kununu. Also, the questionnaire for forwarding is used to complete application materials or send tasks to the applicant.
Instead of the appointment survey, which is only for internal participants, the calendar integration Plus can now be used to find an appointment together with the applicant.