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Conceptually well thought-out, content-based, target group-oriented and, above all, authentic – that's how your career website should be designed in order to be the successful linchpin of your recruiting activities. Nowadays, almost every potential applicant uses this channel to find out about you as an employer, your job offers and the application process.

Use this opportunity and present yourself as you are!

A successful career website gives a realistic picture of what future employees can expect from you, and makes you attractive and credible as an employer.

Tips & Tricks
Career Website - What should be on it?

 Introduce yourself

Applicants need to know who you might be dealing with. In addition to the company culture and values, it goes over very well to let the employees speak. Testimonials from your own ranks give any company a face and authenticity.

 Show me your benefits

You do so much for your employees and don't communicate that to the outside world? That's a shame, because many applicants look primarily at the benefits. Show them how you support your employees and why it's great to work for you.

 Too long did not read

Short and crisp text motivates people to read on. As soon as it gets too long, applicants often switch off. Get to the point and überlegt exactly what is interesting for your applicants. The career website should inform and arouse curiosity instead of boring.

 Social Media, Blogs & Co.

Who maintains social media channels or regularly writes blog articles, this can be integrated into the career website in any case. But beware. If these channels or blogs are not regularly filled with new posts and articles, the integration is rather counterproductive and quickly appears outdated.


Lay your application process open. This allows applicants to assess when they can expect Rück notifications and not be left in uncertainty after submitting your application materials. If you have requirements for application documents, you can also say a few words about them. Really interested applicants are grateful über everything they can get information about it.

Include job ads

With the widget/job listing of the d. vinci applicant management you can easily integrate your job postings directly from the software on your career website – without installation effort and in the standard configuration völlig free of charge.

By integrating it as a Java Script widget, your open vacancies will be better found in search engines (SEO) and optimally displayed on all end devices. The three preset filters also offer your potential candidates an even better overview of the vacancies. The filter data is automatically retrieved from your system settings in the d.vinci applicant management and continuously updated, so that the current number of published jobs, depending on the filter option, is always visible at a glance. New jobs are also marked with the comment „NEW“. Due to the automated retrieval, there is no additional maintenance effort for you here.

You can integrate your job board into your own homepage yourself. The appearance of your job list can be easily adapted to your corporate design.

We support you!

We support you not only in the conception of a new career website, but also in the optimization of an existing one, ensuring a positive candidate experience and strengthening your employer brand.

If you want, you can have your career website hosted and maintained by our partner, so that everything is always backed up and updated without a hitch and is not forgotten.


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