The widget displays your job advertisements, for example, as a list in your corporate design on your website or any other website.
If you open a job via the widget, any changes you have made to the job advertisement templates, layouts or texts of the publication are already included and displayed. 
The widget can be adapted to your needs using various filters.

The widget is integrated via a JavaScript code, which can be integrated via copy+paste. 

The standard code looks like this: 

<script src=""></script>

<div class="dvinci-job-widget"









The name of the skin is often the client name, you can find this out by looking at the source code of the heading section in the application portal with the start page enabled.

The design of the widget is possible with various widget filters that are displayed to applicants above or next to (depending on the design of your widget) the job list. In addition, the code can be defined in such a way that pre-filtering takes place and only jobs with certain values, such as Target group: Professionals or Location: Hamburg, are displayed. 


You can only insert the widget code once per website.


You can request changes to the design of the widget from us. 
Please send us an e-mail if you wish so.
Please describe as precisely as possible how it should look. You are also welcome to send us pictures of how it should look later. We will then send you an offer depending on the effort involved and will try to implement your specifications as best we can.