Definition of terms

The onboarding process diagram provides a graphical overview of the current progress for the onboarding process of an onboardee.


When a milestone in theonboarding process is reached, you define this in the respective onboarding.

Behavior in the system

  • The onboarding process diagram shows the entire onboarding process at a glance:

  • The diagram shows the following information in detail:
    • Phase name and phase arrow of the current phase are highlighted in blue.
    • The number in the phase arrow indicates the total number of tasks in this phase.
    • The phase ring shows the tasks grouped by task status:
      1. green = completed tasks
      2. red = Overdue tasks
      3. yellow = Tasks due soon
      4. blue = Tasks due later
    • Under the current phase, the number of days remaining until the next milestone is reached and the total number of unfinished tasks (red, yellow, blue) is displayed.

How our customers use this

The diagrams give a rough overview of what still needs to be done and what phase the onboarding process is in. In order to take this further, tasks need to be solved.