Tasks are planning elements in the onboarding process, which are timed and carried out by responsible persons.

In order to achieve the goals of an onboarding phase, the necessary actions are created as tasks.
Tasks remind the person responsible what concrete action they or others should take in order to smoothly advance the onboarding process.

  • Tasks are defined with reference to a time schedule date. The day a task needs to be finished is called due date. So a task becomes due X days before or after a time schedule date.
  • According to its due date, a task enters the phase before or after the time schedule date.
  • Each task is assigned to exactly one responsible user.
  • Form fields of master data and additional information regarding onboardees can be set to be usable as placeholders in task description

Tasks can be collected in task packages.

In a list of tasks, icons with a mouse-over description show you what property a task has:

 = Finish Automatically

 = Assignable Task

 = Portal Articles

 = Portal Task

 = Correspondence Template