Portal articles are information articles written by authorized users and published on the employee portal.

Via portal articles you can inform your onboardees about everything worth knowing about the company and the new workplace. Successful, informative, interesting and well-written portal articles are an important motivation for onboardees to enter their employee portal.

The onboardee is probably initially interested and motivated to enter the employee portal and find out about the future workplace. Consider onboardees as inquisitive readers. Be creative and consider how best to approach your onboardees and arouse their interest. There are no limits to the content. Here are a few examples:

  • Inform the onboardee about the current status and important developments of the company.
  • Upload site plans or pictures of your company premises.
  • Provide information about the canteen or lunchtime catering facilities. Is there a kitchen and if so, how is it equipped? Is there a baker nearby? Is there a post office, bank or similar facilities in the area that may be of interest to the onboardee?
  • Describe the working environment and working conditions. Is there a dress code? Is the working environment quiet or rather busy? Is there a lounge area?
  • Write personal impressions of the department, supervisors and colleagues. Maybe they are interested in introducing themselves to their new colleagues with words and pictures?
  • Tell them something about the working atmosphere. Are the employees on first-name terms with each other and with their superiors? Are there after-work events?
  • etc.