You can send correspondence to applicants without changing the status.

Required rights  

  • Applications | view
  • Messages | reply + Infos | send

Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the menu item Applications. The Overview page is displayed.
  2. Click on an application. The page Application is displayed.
  3. In the action button group, click on the icon  . Further actions are displayed.
  4. Click on the Send Info button. The required page is displayed.
  5. Select a correspondence template. Only correspondence templates are available that are configured as Available for Send Info. Depending on whether you select an email or a document, new fields will appear:
  6. If you selected Email:
    • Subject line is pre-assigned with the subject from the template. You can change the subject.
    • Body is pre-assigned with the content of the correspondence template. All placeholders of the template are filled with data from the application and are therefore not recognizable as placeholders. You can customize the content and insert new placeholders. Newly inserted placeholders are not filled in here, but when the correspondence is actually sent they are filled in.
    • If you want to attach a file to the correspondence, click on the button Add Attachment next to Attachments,
    • Enter a date under Send Email On if you want the correspondence to be sent with a time delay.
  7. Press the Send Info button. The delivery confirmation page is displayed. (Recognizable by the word Successful that appears next to the applicants name.)