In d.vinci, media refers to image files that can be displayed in job advertisements, for example.

Service Designing job ad layout and job list

You want to change the design of your job ads? We can help you revise and improve your job ad, job list, application form and/or thank you page


Permitted rights  

  • Create media

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the page Media.

  2. Click on + Create. An input form is displayed.
  3. Fill the input form:
    • Disply name
      This should indicate the intended use of the image. It is not visible to the applicant.
    • Alternative Text (Accessibility)
      This is a short image description that is read aloud by screen readers instead of the image. In this way, people with visual impairments can grasp the content of the image.
    • Type
      The type determines where the image appears in the job advertisement. Only panoramic images can be used in job advertisements with Liquid Design. For the transfer to a social media platform, there is the type Social Media Image
    • Organizational unit
      The medium is only available in job publications of the respective organizational unit.
    • File
      Click on the File field to upload an image. Allowed file formats are jpg, gif, png, svg. The maximum file size is 250 KB.

  4. Click on   Create to save the input. The page Media is displayed. This page contains an overview of all the details of the medium that has just been created.
    Back up   Create and Create Another. The medium is saved and a blank entry form for creating another medium is displayed.