You can provide comments, opinions or other feedback on the application by submitting a comment. Submitted comments can be viewed in the application history.


You cannot comment on applications that you have received about Send Recommendation.

Required Rights   

  • View applications
  • View confidential information of applications if necessary

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the application of the candidate for whom you want to make a comment. 
  2. Click on the button   Comment. The entry form Comment on Application is displayed. 
  3. Fill out the entry form.

    Elements of the entry form:

    Mandatory fields marked with *

    • Comment*
    • Send to: The selected recipients will immediately receive an notification email for this comment.


      In the comment notification email the list of comment recipients is displayed to users with the permission Application History/ Activities | view. This permission is contained in the system roles Human Resources (standard) and Line Management (Standard).
      Only users who are authorised to see the application history/activities by the stored user group in the job opening or by a previous recommendation are displayed as comment recipients.

    • Confidential: The comments can only be seen by users with the permission Confidential Information of Applications | view.
  4. Click on   Add a comment, to send it. The Application page with the candidate's details is displayed.