Explanation of terms 

In applications, job openings, hiring requests, recommendations and for many status changes there is the option to make comments. This is also possible in onboarding. This allows you to better coordinate with colleagues or remind them of decisions.


Once made, comments can neither be deleted by us nor by you in order not to spoil the history. Therefore, please make sure that the comment has been saved by the right person and does not contain any content that could be construed as problematic.


Comments are created via the   Comment  button or it opens at status change, at Send info or on other occasions an input field Comment.

Behaviour in the system

  • Comments on applications or job openings 
    These can be submitted via the  Comment button as long as you have access to the application or advertisement.
  • Contents of the comment / privacy policy
    When writing your comment, you will be made aware not to mention any personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as comments sent by e-mail are not recorded by the Löroutine of the system.
  • Send To
    You can also send comments to a user. They will then receive an email with the comment.
  • Available recipients
    Comments are only sent to others if they have been selected as recipients. Permissions are not required for this. It is always possible to receive comments if the user is created at the same organisational level.
  • Viewing the comments
    The comment can be viewed in the history of the application, the job opening or the onboarding, depending on where you made the comment. If a recipient has been selected, the recipient will also be listed.

How our customers use this

Applicant tracking
You can use comments to record notes about the interview after an interview, to inform colleagues about special features of the job opening, to provide appointment participants with further information about the interview or to make changes to the publication to your colleagues.


In onboarding, you can record special features of onboarding or important information here.