The release process enables a user to have the publication checked and, if necessary, corrected by another user. 

Required Rights

  • Job Openings | view/ edit/ create  

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the publication for which you want to start the release process.
  2. Press the button  Start Release Process. The Start Release Process entry window is displayed in the foreground.
  3. Fill out the entry form:
  4. Press Start. The Publication page appears with the details of the publication and a note that the the release process was started appers. At the same time, the recipient will receive an e-mail. 

The release process recipient can choose between:

  • Release Job Publication
  • Reject Job Publication

The recipient has the opportunity to leave a comment each time.


You can choose which recipients should release the publication when starting the release process. Multiple recipients are possible, but the first response will end the release process. If the last selected user is absent (e.g. on vacation), continuing to display the button will ensure that you can send the sharing request to another recipient.


In the history of the job opening, it is possible to see at any time when and whether a release process was started.