Finishing hiring requests is a similar process to closing a job openings.
The hiring request is therefore transferred to a final status.


  • When you finish the hiring request, you have the option of creating a new job opening based on it or linking an existing one.
  • Only one Hiring Requests can be linked to a job opening at a time. It is not possible to link several job openings with a hiring request or several hiring requests with a single job opening.
  • Finished Hiring requests can be reactivated by the button  Reopen.

Required Rights

  • Edit hiring requests

Proceed as follows:

  • Open the hiring request that you want to finish. The Hiring Request page with the hiring request details appears.  
  • Click on the button   Finish Hiring Request. The Finish Hiring Request entry form is displayed in the foreground. 
  • Fill in the entry form:
    Please Select*
    Finish without job opening: The hiring request is closed without further use.
    Create new job opening: The data from the hiring request is entered on the Create Job Opening page.
    Assign existing job opening: You can link the hiring request to an existing job opening if you have already created it in advance.
  • Click on   Confirm.