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Explanation of terms 

Pay Grades can be selected in the Hiring Request. These allow you to enter your pay groups for personnel requirements planning.


Pay Grades are maintained in the master data. You can create any number of pay groups in the master data.

Behavior in the system

When you create Pay Grades, they are sorted alphabetically. No other sorting is possible.

You can use the field schema configuration in the Hiring Request to show and hide the Pay Grade field and define it as a mandatory field.

The Pay Grade can be used as a placeholder (Hiring Request - Pay Grades) in job advertisement templates and correspondence templates.

An evaluation of the Pay Grades is possible via an export of Hiring Requests.

This is how our customers use it

Customers who are bound by collective agreements often use this the field Pay Grades to add pay scale information to the job ad by using a placeholder in the job ad template.