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Explanation of terms

Hiring Request are used to enable departments to declare their personnel requirements systematically and with precise content. On this basis, the HR department can create precisely fitting job advertisements in order to recruit the right candidates.

The Hiring Request is a fully configurable input form that departments can fill out. Using standard or self-created form fields, all relevant information for the position to be filled can be listed. The input form can be supplemented by the HR department with notes and instructions that provide assistance in filling out the form.

A completed Hiring Request can be submitted directly to the HR department, which uses it to create a job opening. Alternatively, an approval process can be interposed. In this case, the personnel requisition is not transferred to the HR department until all relevant decision-makers have given their approval. In this way, it can be ensured that the vacancy is described in full and is suitable for the company.

If you are planning to use the Hiring Request for the first time, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. Also, if you have any questions when the function is set up, we are always happy to help. The subject is quite complex. We will be glad to help you.


Two system roles are available for immediate use of the function. The Hiring Request Submitter creates the Hiring Request. This is usually the specialist department, which knows its own Hiring Request  best and can formulate them precisely. The Hiring Request recipient receives the Hiring Request and processes it further, e.g., by transferring it to an advertisement/job posting. This is usually the HR department.

Hiring Request Submitter

  • Selectable as Superior for Hiring Requests
  • Approval Processes (of Hiring Requests) | approve
  • Hiring Requests | create
  • Hiring Requests | view as superior/ creator

Hiring Request Recipient

  • Selectable as HR Contact for Hiring Requests
  • Approval Processes (of Hiring Requests) | start
  • Hiring Requests | view/ edit/ delete as HR contact

Authorizations in the area of Hiring Request with their effects

  • Hiring Request: Selectable as HR Contact
    The contact person HR department is the person who will primarily process the Hiring Request.
    In addition, the contact person for the Hiring Request will receive a message when it is created.
  • Hiring Request: Selectable as Superior
    After a Hiring Request is approved, an email goes out to the superior with the info that the Hiring Request has been approved. The superior is listed for informational purposes only. 
  • Hiring Request: Start approval process
    An approval process can be started, in which the Hiring Request is only approved when all the people listed in the process, in order, have approved the Hiring Request.
    If no approval process is started, a Hiring Request can still be completed. 
  • View/ Edit/ Delete Hiring Requests as HR contact
    Gives the possibility to edit the Hiring Request as a contact person of the HR department after it has been created.
  • View Hiring Requests as superior/ creator
    Gives the possibility to see Hiring Requests as superior / creator.
    After approval, an e-mail is sent to the creator that the Hiring Request has been approved.
  • View / Edit Hiring Requests as superior/ creator
    Gives the possibility to see and edit Hiring Requests as supervisor / creator, but not to delete them.
  • Create Hiring Request  
    Gives the possibility to create Hiring Requests.
  • Approve Hiring Request
    Gives the possibility to approve Hiring Requests and be selected as approver.
  • View/Edit/Delete Hiring Request
    Hiring Requests cannot be created, but can be viewed, edited and deleted.

Visibility of hiring requests

The visibility of your hiring requests can be restricted via roles. This means that the visibility of a hiring request is granted via permission. You can choose from these visibility permissions for hiring requests:

  • Hiring Requests I view
  • Hiring Requests I view as superior/creator

Furthermore, the organizational structure is of importance as well - with your role, you can only access the elements that are either directly on your organizational unit or below it. Therefore, by moving the user, you also move the permission to view.

Behavior in the system

  • Each Hiring Request has a history in which all changes are documented. 
  • The data of completed Hiring Requests can be transferred to advertisements, so that the HR department can start placing the job advertisement directly.
  • Only one Hiring Request can be linked to an advertisement at a time. It is not possible to link several advertisements with a Hiring Request or several Hiring Requests with a job opening. 
  • Hiring Requests can be evaluated through the oData Reporting API.
  • Many fields of the Hiring Request can be evaluated by the Excel-Raw-Data-Report for job openings.

  • It is possible to export all Hiring Requests directly in the menu item Hiring Requests.

  • Hiring Request do not have an automated deletion. Deletion of a Hiring Request is always done manually.
    We recommend exporting the Hiring Request. You will receive an Excel table with all personnel requirements. Here you can search for all personnel requirements with the status Closed, with a creation date after the one you want, and thus find out the Hiring Request to be deleted.

How our customers use this

Hiring Request are used by departments to communicate a staffing requirement to the HR department. Often, after the Hiring Request is created, works councils or general managers are added to the approval process. Only when there has been approval from all approvers is the staffing requisition converted to a job opening.

Before the Hiring Request 

Hiring Request 

Status of Hiring Request 


Approval Process

Close Hiring Request