The Event module, which you can get activated in your d.vinci system, enables you to easily manage applicant days, meetings with aplicants at fairs, open days or the like. At a glance, you can see how many places are still available at the event you have planned, who has accepted and canceled, and you can invite applicants to your events.


If you have not yet activated the event module, do not hessitate to contact us. We will be happy to send you a quote and answer any questions during a phone call.


Explanation of the term

The d.vinci system defines an event as an applicant day, open day, an interview at a trade fair, a lecture and all other occasion where you can meet your applicants.


An event can be configured in the following manner:

  • Select the start and the end, the time zone, the maximum number of participants, the optimal number of participants, and the observer(s)
  • Subsequent change of the organizational unit of a business event is not possible

Behavior in the system

  • You can only ever see applicants who are located on the same organizational unit on which the event was created.
  • The observer sees the names of booked and confirmation applications, but they can only see the application if the user has the viewing permission.
  • In the map of an event, you can see at a glance the number of participants who have accepted, booked, and also canceled an invitation.
  • Only a user with the Event organizer permission can invite applicants to a created event.
  • If the application advances in the process, it still remains in the event.
  • Events can be evaluated via reports and via the Reporting API.

How our customers use this

Customers who have activated the license for the event module use it to invite applicants to their own events in order to boost their interest in the company and introduce them to potential future colleagues.