Explanation of terms

Reports are evaluations of selected data. By analyzing data you get a better impression of processes in your system. You can use this data to adjust and improve your processes.


The Reports menu item and the More reports button can be used to add graphically processed reports to the report overview. These reports can be downloaded as graphics.

The graphic does not contain any explanations or numerical values. Only the graph is displayed. For values, an Excel raw data report is recommended.

Behaviour in the system 

No other graphical reports can be created. However, we offer the following: 

  • Number of Received Applications
    The number of applications received is counted. Using the filter, the statistics can be narrowed down by period, organizational unit, category etc.
  • Number of Status Transitions
    It measures how many status changes were made to each application status.
  • Applicant Feedback
    In the report "Applicant Feedback" anonymized statistical data is displayed as average values per response.
  • Applicant Feedback : Text Responses
    Text responses to feedback questions are displayed.
  • Application Ratio
    This breaks down the applications by salutation.
  • Processing time
    Measure the average time between application receipt/capture date and first reaching a final status.
  • Feedback time
    Measurement of the average time between application receipt/capture date and the first dispatch of a correspondence (without automatic confirmation of receipt). In the case of a scheduled e-mail to the applicant, the actual date of the e-mail dispatch is drawn.
  • Time to Hire
    The average time between the "Start of the Search" of the Job Opening and the first achievement of a status with the "Time to Hire" event per application is measured.
  • Time to Interview
    The average time between the "Start of the Search" of the Job Opening and the first time a status is reached with the "Time to Deadline" event per application is measured. The date and time of the appointment set at the status change is used as the end time, if available.

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How our customers use this

Many customers use the graphical reports only for quick overviews. To capture accurate data, the Excel raw data reports are suitable. These can also be imported into other tools such as Power-BI through our oData reporting interface and evaluated there.