You can switch the language of your system in your user information with a single click. For example from German to English. All menu items and system elements will then be displayed to you in the selected language.

This makes communicating with colleagues who speak a different language easier, since you can take a look at how features and areas are called in the system language of such colleagues.


There are more languages enabled on the Languages tab in Basic Settings. English and German are available at all times.

You can purchase additional languages from us. Please contact us. Read here which languages are available today: Language

Proceed as follows:

  1. Click your username. A drop-down menu is displayed.
  2. Click the label of the language you want to display your system in. The language label is indicated by a blue background and the selection menu gets hidden.


After switching to another language, it may take some time until all elements are displayed in the correct language. Reloading the page might help.


  • The language cannot be changes on every page via User information. If this cannot be done, a note will be displayed.
  • English and German can be activated by default. Other languages are possible. More about it here: Languages.