It is possible to show a filter above the display of your job list/the widget, which can be used to display your job advertisements on a Google Maps map. This map can be displayed in your corporate design if desired.
Depending on which section of the map an applicant is viewing, the open positions are shown as marked points on the map and different filters are activated.


You have currently only advertised apprenticeships in Munich, the candidate is zooming in on Munich.

The target group in the selection is now apprentices and the job location is Munich.


  • Only when the map section is changed again the contents of the filters change.
  • If the map filter is activated, this filter has priority over all others.
  • Technically it is not possible to implement other map services at the moment. 

Proceed as follows:

Check the page/menu item Job List to see if the configuration option is already enough for you. If you would like further adjustments to your corporate design, please contact us.

Please tell us in which colours the markings for the places and the map itself should be displayed. We will be happy to implement your wishes and design the map to match your corporate design. We will discuss the details and the effort with you in advance.

 Service   ReDesign job advertisement layout and job list

You want to change the design of your job ads? Job ad, job list, application form and/or thank you page need a revision?