Explanation of terms

Through the Talentpool you can find applications by keywords independently of the advertisement. In this way, you can view applications that you have provided with certain keywords at any time in the Pool candidates  tab in the Applications menu item. 



See Get started with: Talent Pool


Behaviour in the system

  • Keywords can be assigned to the application. These keywords form the basis für the talent pool as they build the different pools. Example: You have 5 applications on a pool status with the keyword "English". In the Pool Candidates tab, you will see an English card with the number 5 on it. If you click on it, you can view the candidates.
  • Via Pins you can set favourites so that you can access these pools more quickly. Pinned keywords will always appear at the top of the list of pool tiles.
  • Only applications that are on a pool application status will be considered for the pool candidate view. For this, you need the candidate's consent to the extended use of their data.
  • If you have set up status changes where keywords need to be assigned, these keywords may become a pool card once the applicant is on a pool status. You must be able to see the applications in order to access them.

How our customers use this

Through the talent pool, good applications can be kept in mind for later positions. Our customers simply save a suitable keyword in the application, move the application to a pool status and it appears in the Pool Candidates tab and can be taken into account again for new positions.

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