Keywords enable a targeted search for people with certain characteristics.

They also form the basis for the creation of various applicant pools.

Keywords can be created in two ways:

Option 1: In the personal data of the application.   

However, they are stored in the master data independently of the application. This means that keywords created in the personal data can be selected for all subsequent applications.


You must first click on the Enter key on your keyboard when creating an application and then on the   icon. 

Option 2: Centrally in the Master Data.

Here you can create keywords, link them to an organizational unit, edit existing keywords and maintain translations for other languages.


We recommend to create the keywords in the Master Data and to ask the users of your d.vinci not to create new keywords in the application. Only a selection from the list of already existing keywords should be made. This prevents uncontrolled growth. It happens quickly that you otherwise have several spellings of a keyword in the system. Then the search for candidates with certain properties may not bring all candidates with the property as a search result.  Example: MS Word, Word, Microsoft Word, MS-Word

Filtering by keywords is possible in the applicant overview of the application search and the pool candidates.


It is always possible to create new keywords in the file as well as in the Master Data. There is no permission to limit the creation of keywords in the application data tab.