It is possible to send different confirmation emails per job opening. For this purpose, a separate application questionnaire must be used for the job opening. 

If the email address of an HR service provider was saved in the form, the confirmation of receipt is always sent to them - otherwise it is sent to the applicant.

Rights Reserved.

  • Create correspondence templates 
  • Create application portals 

Proceed as follows:
  1. Create a correspondence template.


    Available at: Confirmation Email

  2. Create a new questionnaire of type applicant questionnaire

    Alternatively, an existing applicant questionnaire can be copied and renamed. 
    In the Data tab, in the Confirmation Email area, select the Correspondence Template you created earlier.

  3. Look at the application portal on which the job opening runs, that there is no fixed applicant questionnaire stored in the settings, otherwise the setting of the application portal will overwrite the settings of the advertisement.

  4. In the call for applications, fill in the newly created application questionnaire - now linked to the new confirmation email.