You can provide documents that can be downloaded for printing. This way, you can centrally manage documents for paper printing to maintain clarity and consistency.

Required Rights  

View, create, and edit documents

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Documents.
  2. Press the  Create button. The Document input form is displayed.
  3. Fill in the form.
    Elements of the input form:
    Mandatory fields are marked with *, optional fields are without marking.
    Organizational Unit*
    Placeholder Name: By using the placeholder, you can include the document into tasks and task templates. Enter a desired placeholder name or leave the field empty to have a placeholder name generated automatically.


    If the placeholder has been inserted in a task, changing the placeholder name afterwards will cause the placeholder already inserted to become invalid. Therefore, make sure to select a lasting name or - if you must change the the placeholder name afterwards - update the placeholder inserted in all tasks and task templates.

    File*: Upload the document.
  4. Press the Create button to save all changes. The Document page is displayed.