At some points in the system, URL paths/links to additional features of your d.vinci are displayed. For example, in correspondence as an invitation link to MS Teams interviews, or to questionnaires for the applicant to fill out.

If you do not customize these links, a long link will be displayed by default. For example: https://yourURL/feedback/c356aadf87b-46ad-982d-8d59bae52da9

You can redesign such links using a few simple code entries directly in the content of the correspondence template.

A) Teams meetings

<a href="{APPOINTMENT:ONLINE_MEETING_URL}">Click here for the meeting.</a>

Output as: Click here for the meeting.

B) Questionnaires

<a href="{QUESTIONNAIRE:URL}">Click here for the questionnaire.</a>

Output as: Click here for the questionnaire.

C) Placeholders

<a href="{LOGGED_IN_USER:EMAIL}">Email</a></p>

Output as: email 

Replace your placeholder in this example with the placeholder you wish to redesign.