You can provide your colleagues with HR contact information or other important information and tips on the login page of your system.

In addition, users who have the Access Help Portal permission in a role will see the Help Menu with the Contact HR entry. If they press on it, a pop-up opens with the text that you have entered.

This way, you can enable your d.vinci users to contact you quickly and easily in case of questions or to pass on important information to all colleagues who use the system.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Basic Settings.
  2. Press the tab Options.
  3. Press the icon . An input form is displayed.
  4. In the Contact HR field, enter a text that you want your colleagues to see.
  5. Select Yes for Display"Contact HR" on Login Page: if you want this text to appear on the login page as well.

Read here how to configure the help menu. Via this menu a help icon is displayed on every page in d.vinci. Contents are: Help for this page, access to the help portal, release notes etc.