The Service Account is a specially set up technical user in Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Google Workspace. This user has the authorization to centrally connect the calendars of the users of your organization with d.vinci with the help of Cronofy. This way, each user does not have to connect his calendar individually anymore. This central control enables you to use the function appointment booking by applicants as error-free as possible, because it connects all required calendars.


  • A calendar system used at your company, which is accessible on-line
  • A d.vinci user with the permission: User | view/edit/create/delete
  • Login credentials to the Office 365/ Microsoft Exchange/ Google Account, which should serve as the Service Account
  • This Cronofy manual on how to set up a service account


    The following instructons/guides are working:
    • Enterprise connect for Exchange Office 365
    • Enterprise connect for Google Workspace

    In d.vinci, proceed as follows:

    1. Open the page Basic Settings.
    2. Click the tab Calendar.
    3. In the field group Calendar Integration, click the Connect Service Account button. A pop-up window appears.
    4. Read through the text, then click the Connect button. You will be redirected to a new page.
    5. Read through the text, then click the button with the Logo of the service provider at your organisation.
    6. Check the box in front of "I agree to the Cronofy Terms of Service and Privacy Policy" once you have read the information.
    7. Click Link XYZ Account.
    8. In the list, pick the account that serves as your organisation´s Service Account, or enter the credentials of this account manually.
    9. Click Accept. You will then be redirected back to d.vinci.
  • Back in the Calendar tab, the entry Service Account: is now populated by the email address of the connected Service Account

    If the connection is established through the service account, any user with the right to edit users can connect the user's calendar.