Talk'n'Job offers talk applications where the applicant is interviewed by an avatar. The data is then transferred to your d.vinci as an application. 

What does this look like for the applicant?
The applicant reads your job advertisement and clicks Apply in it. That opens a intro page on which the button Start Talk-Application can be found. If the applicant clicks on it, he will be redirected to the interview with the avatar. The interview will be conducted and the data will be transferred to your d.vinci together with the applicant's master data.

Before the actual integration in the applicant management system, the contractual coordination with Talk'n'job is required. In the phase you also discuss which interviews/avatars you need. Therefore please contact Maximilian Knorn from Talk'n'Job. +49 160 90527039 or via email
If this is all done, you can get started with the configuration in d.vinci.


Create source talk'n'job

  1. Create a new source.
    Display name: Talk'n'Job
    Organizational Unit: Choose here organizational unit of the application portal, which displays the job ads on your website. Usually it is the top and is named "Global". 

Configure Application Portal 

  1. Open the page Application Portals. Click on the name of the application portal that displays your job advertisements on your website. In most cases, this is Homepage.
  2. Click on the edit icon  . An input form opens.
  3. Activate at Application Import the option Protected
  4. Choose Username and Password according to your company's password policy.
  5. Click at the button  Update.

Email to Talk'n'Job

Please copy the link to JSON and XML from the application portal you just edited. It is behind the field Interface.
Send an email to Talk'n'Job with the following info:

  • Link to the JSON
  • Link to the XML
  • User name
  • password

Talk'n'Job makes configurations on itself in their system and writes an email back with a list of interviews/avatars and the customer name (important in the Script topic - below).

Create application questionnaire per avatar

  1. Create a new applicant sheet per interview/avatar.
    Intro page enabled: Yes
  2. Click on the tab Intro Page 
  3. Click at Additional Properties on the edit icon   . An input form for the Additional Header will appear.
  4. Copy the code/script (from down here on the page) and paste it into the Additional Header field. 
  5. Click on the button  Update.

Script for the Additional Header

<script src=""></script>

dvinciUtils.applyWithTalkConfig = {
avatarId: 1,
customer: "dvinci"

You need to acquire these parameters with data that Talk'n' Job sent you in the avatar email:

  • avatarId.
    This must be entered individually per arc. It will be communicated to you by Talk'n'Job.
  • customer.
    The customer name will also be told to you in the email with Talk'n'Job avatars. 

Rename the button

If the name of the button does not fit, it can be adjusted üvia the following extension to the script.
Also here you have to replace the parameters from above. 

<script src=""></script>

dvinciUtils.applyWithTalkConfig = {
avatarId: 1,
customer: "dvinci",
translations: {
en: "own" translation if you don't like the text,
en: "Same, but in english."