Equal Opportunities is a human right. In particular, application forms or job advertisements can create an inequality of opportunity by requiring skills, technology, or knowledge from the applicant that are not present in the situation, temporarily or permanently.

Examples of typical barriers in accessibility

  • Fast internet is needed to load high-resolution images
  • Colors are displayed with too light contrasts
  • Red-green combination for different areas or groupings
  • Linguistically complex terms with no universally understood definition or concepts
  • Use of internal terminology

Requirements for accessible web content

For web content, the WCAG 2.1 standard exists with requirement levels A (minimum requirement), AA (recommended), and AAA (special requirements), which is considered a recommendation for basic usability with and without assistive technology.

This is how accessibility is designed at our company

We ensure accessibility at the level of WCAG 2.1 Level A in the application process.

This means the following elements are designed and technically prepared to be accessible for applicants:

  • Iframe job list
  • Job advertisement
  • Application form
  • Widget/job list from version 2

This is what you can do to further increase accessibility

In order to comply with WCAG 2.1 Level AA, the design of the career page and the job advertisement based on the font, color scheme and images is especially important and therefore in your hands.

Tests your career portal with appropriate tools. For example, use (redirect to external page) to test how contrasty and thus readable your text-background color combination is.

Tip: contact our Personnel marketing team for a holistic career site consultation.

 Service  Personnel Marketing Consulting

You want advice on designing your job ads? You want to know in which job board you can best search for candidates for the position? Maybe you also need support in the recruiting process? Our personnel marketing team will be happy to help!

Website plugins

We do not recommend the use of website plugins!

There are some tools für Wordpress & Co. that promise barrier-free access to the website by the simplest means. We do not recommend using such tools or plugins, as they usually add more barriers to the website instead of solving them. Applicants in these cases are already using the tools provided by the operating system or browser. 

The technology companies Apple, Google, and Microsoft therefore also discourage the use of website-owned utilities:

More information on the official recommendation (External website).