Explanation of term

The applicant form is a type of questionnaire through which candidates übmitteln their applicant data.
The part of the application form, which contains the questions to the candidates, is colloquially also often called application form.


Open the page Questionnaire and press + Questionnaire to create a questionnaire of the type application questionnaire.


Behavior in the system

  • The application questionnaire consists of four tabs.
    • Data
      This is where basic configurations of the questionnaire are defined.
    • Intro Page
      Before the applicant fills out the questionnaire, he can be shown a preliminary page. This can be used as an introduction to the topic.
      It can be enabled/disabled directly in the Intro Page tab.
    • Form
      Here the fields of the form are selected, already created screening questions added and all consent texts maintained (U16 applications, privacy, extended use) 
    • Confirmation page
      After the applicant has completed the questionnaire and pressed submit, he/she will receive at least one success message. Other content can be maintained.
  • There are some default questions stored in the Form tab in d.vinci. These can be declared as mandatory fields, optional displayed and hidden. 
     Our standard questions:
    • Salutation
    • Salutation "Mx." Selectable
    • Title
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Consent of Legal Guardians for Applicants Below 16 Years of Age
    • Address
    • Email Adress
    • Email Address of HR Service Provider 
    • Telephone
    • Alternative Telephone
    • Skype Name
    • Profile URL
    • Earliest Starting Date
    • Degree
    • Vocational Education
    • Studies
    • Last Position
    • Desired Location
    • Desired Salary 
    • Comment
    • Screening Questions
    • Complete Application Documents
    • Application Photo
    • How did you find out about us?
    • Consnt to Privacy Policy
    • Consent to Extended Use
    • Captcha
  • The questions in the tab Form can be screening questions 
  • An applicant Questionnaire can be selected here: 
    • In the job opening
      When creating the Job Opening or editing the Job Opening in the section Application questionnaire.
      Without selecting an applicant questionnaire, applicants will be shown the application form, which is stored at the application portal.
    • In the application portal

      In the application portal, an application questionnaire must be selected. This will be active for job openings where no own application questionnaire has been selected.

      In the application portal, you can also select whether a fixed application questionnaire should be used. This setting provides the selection of an Applicant Questionnaire in the job opening. This lends itself to the intranet, for example.

  • The applicant form from the advertisement überschreiben the default setting in the application portal, unless the applicant form is stored as a fixed applicant form in the application portal.

  • It is not possible to set up a double e-mail input to prevent input errors  in the application questionnaire.

This is how our customers use this

  • Standard
    Every customer who receives online applications uses at least one application questionnaire. Without this, an online submission of the application by applicants is not possible. Often the name of this is Standard
  • Short application
    Many customers set up additional short application questionnaires, which only ask for the most important data, such as the name, email address and phone number, as well as the application documents. Subsequently, they then send another questionnaire by e-mail to the candidates, who are suitable to a possition
  • Duzen
    Often there is also a desire to design a questionnaire in which the candidates are adressed formally in German.
    You can write screening questions by yourself in formal language. The naming of buttons, however, must be adapted by us. Simply write us.
    Here you can read more about it: How can we rename buttons and change notice texts?