Portal articles are displayed in the employee portal. You can use them to inform your onboardees about everything worth knowing about the company and the new workplace. Successful, informative, interesting and well-written portal articles are an important motivation for onboardees to enter the employee portal.

Required rights

  • Portal article create

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Portal article. The page of the same name is displayed.
  2. Click on the button  Create. An input form is displayed.
  3. Complete the input form.
    How to complete the form, tips for content and further background information can be found here: Portal article
    • Name 
    • Organizational unit
    • Permanently visible
    • Title
    • Content 
  4. Click on the button Create to save the changes. The Portal article  page with the Data tab opened is displayed.
  5. Upload an article image in the Images  section by clicking on the button Click for image upload.
  6. If required, click the tab Attachmentsto add an attachment to the portal article, which the onboardee can download from the article in the employee portal. 
    1. Click on the button  Add attachment. The page Attachment is displayed.
    2. Click in the Browse field to attach a file. 
    3. Click on the Add button to save the changes. The Portal article page is displayed.


  • Welcoming articles
    If you want to use a new portal article as welcoming artikel it should not be set as permanently.
    Read more here: Portal Articles
  • Further steps
    If a portal article is created, but it is not set as permanently visible, you have to do further steps.
    A task or task template must be created, which is linked to the portal article. The portal article becomes visible in the employee portal when the task has been marked as completed or has been set to "finish automatically" in the task.