Benefits are advantages that a company offers its employees in addition to their salary in order to be more attractive as an employer.


Error while selecting the icon

If there is an error in the icon selection, please click again on the link here and start the search for the icon again. FontAwsome has introduced a new version, whose icons we cannot support at this time. We only support icons up to version 5.

Icons that we do support have this structure: fas fa-bicycle. 

If the icon has the following structure, it indicates the other version: fa-regular fa-bicycle.

Rights required:

  • Master Data | view/ edit/ create

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Master data page. 
  2. Click on Benefits. The page with the same name is displayed.
  3. Click on  Benefit. An input form is displayed.
  4. Enter a unique name that describes the benefit.
  5. Select an organizational unit. The benefit can be selected in publications of the selected and underlying organizational units.
  6. Select an icon for the benefit:
    1. To do this, open the Font Awesome web page.


      Since we only support icons up to version 5, please access the icons only from the above website.

    2. Click on the desired icon. The page for the icon is displayed.
    3. On the page, find the HTML class name for the icon, for example "fab fa-accessible-icon" in <i class="fab fa-accessible-icon"></i>.

    4. Copy the class name. You can click on the whole HTML class to copy it to the clipboard.
    5. Paste the copied element in the icon field of the Benefit input form. When you have pasted the whole HTML class, click on any point outside the field. The input form automatically cleans up the icon field.

    6. Add a description that will be displayed in the job advertisement for candidates under the Benefit icon.
    7. Click on   Create to save the entries. The Benefits page with an overview of all created benefits is displayed
      Click on Create and create further. The Create Benefit input form is displayed. You can now fill in the input form according to step 5 ff.


The benefit/s are now available for selection in the publications. How to place the benefits in your job ad template, read here.