Exemplary reasons for copying a Job Opening:

  • The Job Opening was archived and the recruiting process has to be reopened. In order not to misrepresent the reporting, the Job Opening from that time can be duplicated with exactly the same properties, but with a history separate from the process at that time and a new reporting.
  • A new Job Opening should be be created, with properties which are already largely congruent with another Job Openings. Copying saves some work in these cases.

Required rights  

  • Create Job Openings

Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the menu option Job Openings. The page of the same name is displayed.
  2. Click on the button   in the job opening you want to copy. A selection menu is displayed.
  3. Click on the  Copy button. The newly created Job Opening with the title of the advertisement and the note (copy) is displayed.
  4. Click on one of the   icons to edit the title and other information according to the new Job Opening.
  5. Press the   Update button to save the entries. The Tender page with the details you entered is displayed