Application statuses are stations in the in recruiting process. They are represented by icons that make it more easy to recognize.

Required Rights   

Create workflows

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Press the Administration menu item. The page with the same name is displayed.
  2. In the d.vinci Applicant Tracking segment, press on the Workflows card. The page with the same name is displayed.
  3. Press the Application Statuses button. The page with the same name is displayed.
  4. Press the  Create Application Status button. The input form with the same name is displayed.
  5. Fill in the input form.
    Elements of the input form:
    Mandatory fields are marked with *, optional fields have no marking
    • Display Name*
    • Required Permissions
    • Icon*
    • Automatic Deletion
    • Pool Status
    • Final Status
    • Consent to Extended Use Required
    • Confidential Information: Documents and messages generated upon status change to this status can be seen in the application history only by users with the right to see confidential information of applications.


      The setting as confidential or non-confidential becomes effective retroactively for all applications and all content generated in the course of a status change to this status.

    • Events
      Processes in your system can be evaluated based on selected events and displayed in graphical reports. You can configure the application status as the endpoint for an evaluation, e. g. for measuring the time until an appointment is given or until the applicant is hired. You can read more about possible reports here: Reports.
    • Choose Reason for Rejection
    • Choose Permanent Post:*
    • Add Keywords
    • Appointment*


      You can use Microsoft Teams to conduct online meetings with applicants. You can find more information under Guide - Getting Started with MS Teams Meetings.

    • Events*
    • Invite to Test
    • Forward Questionnaire
    • Screening Questions
  6. Press the  Create button to save all changes. The Application Status page is displayed.


UTo enable a status change to or from this application status, specify the desired status transitions.