Task definitions make it possible for you to receive a task after changing to a certain status. This is like a to-do and informs you of an action due in the application process.  

Task definitions are linked to a status. If an application is set to this status and the time specified in the task definition has passed, a task will be triggerd. 

When the system is delivered, we provide the following task definitions as examples:

  • Please reject   
  • Please invite            
  • Please hold        
  • Remind line management           
  • Give Feedback (Time Exceeded) 
  • Review hold    
  • Review pool candidate   
  • Application Survey finished
  • Suggested appointment received? 
  • Documents received?


A task is only visible to users who have permission to edit it, as specified in the task definition

Example: The human resources department has the permission "Tasks for Role "Human Resources (Standard)".
The task definition was created with Permission To Edit: "Tasks for Role "Human Resources (Standard)".  

All users of the role "Human Resources" see this task. 

The line management has the permission "Tasks for Role "Line Management (Standard)" and therefore does not see this task. 


In the User , in the Notifications section, the Daily Email For: Overdue tasks should be enabled. Otherwise, a user will see the tasks only in the system and will not be notified about them by e-mail. 

Linking task definitions with automated status changes allows you to automate your workflows to a certain extent.