A job publication channel is an interface between a job opening and an application portal through which the information in the job opening can be made visible to external users. Without a job publication channel, you cannot present job advertisements to applicants. 



You can create a job publication channel via the job publication channel page.
To be able to display a job advertisement externally, the ON button of the job publication channel must be activated in a job publication.

Behavior in the System

  • Permissions
    • Publication Channels | Book/Cancel
      Users with this permission in the role have the option of setting the publication channel switch to ON/OFF in the publication.
      By default, the permission is included in the Role: Human Resources (default).
    • Publication Channels | View/Edit/Create/Delete
      Users with this permission in the role have the ability to create, edit, and delete a publication channel, as well as view other created publication channels.
      By default, the permission is included in the Role: Administrator (default).
  • Help for Configuration

    • Display Name
      It is recommended to choose the name so that it is clear which medium/job board/interface the job advertisement is being published on via the job publication channel.
      Examples: Homepage, Intranet, Stepstone, XING, etc. 
    • Description
      The description is optional and appears in the job publication under the name of the job publication channel. You can use it to indicate to your colleagues when a job posting should be made via the job publication channel. 
    • Organizational Unit

      A job publication channel can be provided with an organizational unit. Without an organizational unit, it is not displayed anywhere for selection. With the selection of the organizational unit, the channel is also available for selection to all underlying organizational levels.

    • Email Recipients
      You can send job advertisements by email to other people for job opening. The email address is the email recipient when the job publication channel is created. See Configure Send Job Advertisement.

      If an email recipient is entered, the Send Job Advertisement button will appear in the job publication. It opens an input form. After sending the message, the recipient receives a ZIP file with all the contents of the job opening in CSS styles, images, and an HTML file.
      The history of the job opening can be traced to see if a job advertisement was sent to a person by email.

    • Default Value ON or OFF?

      It is recommended to use the Default Value: On (Enabled) only for selected job publication channels. The setting Default Value: On publishes the job opening immediately. This means that content could be visible to applicants immediately after creation before any changes are made or can already be reported to job boards for publication. Default Value: Off is therefore safer.

    • Notification of Expiring Job Advertisements
      You can be notified when a job advertisement expires. You activate this when you create the job publication channel. Find out more here: Receive Information about Expiring Publications
  • Settings in the Publication

    • Status of the Job Publication Channel
      You will see an icon in front of the name of the job publication channel. This shows you the status of the publication.

    • ON-OFF Button
      In a job publication you can activate a publication channel via the ON/OFF button. Only then will the job opening with the contents of the external publications be displayed in the application portal linked to the job publication channel.

    • Publication Period
      When activating the channel in the job publication, a period can be specified via the calendar icon in which the job opening is visible externally.
      The period is displayed from-to (for example: 06.09.2023 - 21.09.2023) or with the word unlimited.
      The time is from 0:00 am to 11:59 pm. This means: From 16.10.2023 to 16.10.2023 would be 16.10.2023 from 0:00 am to 11:59 pm. During this time frame, the job publication can be seen in the application portal and an application can be submitted.

  • Tip for Use

    You can use the job publication channels to keep track of whether job publications have been placed in certain print media, for example. Simply create a channel for this, but do not link it to an application portal. You can switch the channel ON/OFF like all others and enter publication periods.

  • Copy
    Job publication channels can either be copied in the list of job publication channels using the copy icon or by clicking on the copy button when you have opened a publication channel.

  • Deletion
    If a job publication channel is deleted, the channel is set to "off" in all job publications.

  • Reporting
    Job Publication channels cannot be evaluated in reports.

How Our Customers Use This

The job publication channel with the ON/OFF button is required for every externally visible job advertisement.
The channels are best named descriptively so that the purpose is immediately recognizable.