If a candidate applies via the application questionnaire, a confirmation email is automatically triggered. However, manually entered applications require a manually sent confirmation email. We recommend that you do this via a status. 


You will need a consent to privacy policy from each applicant in order to store and process the data in your d.vinci in a data protection compliant manner. We therefore recommend that you send the data protection query  to every applicant who has not applied online.

Proceed as follows:   

Create a Questionnaire (for Forwarding)

  1. Open the page Questionnaire
  2. Click on + Questionnaire. An input form will be displayed. 
  3. Enter as Display Name for example "Data Protection Query".
  4. Select Type the Questionnaire (for Forwarding) selection.
  5. Click on the button CreateThe Questionnaire page with the Data tab enabled will be displayed.
  6. Click on the tab Form and then on the  icon at Application Form.
  7. Activate the field Consent to Privacy Policy.
  8. Click Update.
  9. Click on the edit icon  at Consent to Privacy Policy. 
  10. Fill out the form. 
  11. Click Update or Update All. 

Create 2nd application status 

Create a new application status

Name: for example, "New - manual confirmation email"
Send questionnaire: Yes 

Correspondence mandatory: Yes

Create 3rd correspondence template 

Create a correspondence template.

Name: for example "Confirmation Email (manual)"

Available at: Status Change
Status: The previously created
Questionnaire: The previously created
Content: Enter the text of the input confirmation here and enter the placeholder Questionnaire - URL  via [T] .

4. Change-status-and-trigger-correspondence

Open the applicant, change the status to the newly created one, select the correspondence and press Perform Status Change.