Here you can see the attachments to the candidate's application.

The following functions are available here:

  • Button   Open all attachments
    Opens all attachments in a PDF according to the order they are listed here on the page.
  • Button  Attachment
    Here you can upload attachments for all users with permission to view the application and add confidential attachments. Here you can also see the email address for the candidate to which you can forward documents so that they end up directly in the attachments.
  •  before the title of the attachment
    You can influence the order of the documents by dragging and dropping them.
  •   in the last column (Mouseover: Open as PDF)
    Opens the document of the column as PDF.
  •  in the last column (Mouseover: Retrieve data)
    Activates the CV-Parsing of the document. This is only available if you have activated the Candidate Experience Modul.
  •  may be displayed if your Candidate Experience Module is activated. The following are then hidden behind it: 
    • Button  
      This allows you to edit the document, for example, the title of the document.
    • Button  
      Here you can delete the attachment.