With the Candidate Experience Module activated, you make it easier for you and the applicant to enter applicant data through CV parsing.

The data provided by the applicant in his or her application documents is read out and automatically transferred to your application form. The applicant or you only have to check that all fields have been filled in and that everything has been recognised correctly. 

The photo is also read out and displayed as a photo in the candidate's application. This means that you can put a face to the name without any additional effort if the candidate has sent a photo with him or her or if it can be read from the CV. 

Reading the data also affects the full text search. If a candidate has indicated the location "Hintertupfingen" in his or her vocational school certificate, you can find this location using the full text search.


In some cases, CV parsing produces no or only incomplete results. This is usually due to formatting in the documents, unusual names for stages in the CV or the file format in which the CV was saved. A Word document saved as PDF does not cause any problems. However, if a CV has been inserted as an image format (for example .jpg or .png) into a PDF file, the background information of the content will be lost and cannot be read. A password or write protection also prevents the data from being read out


Read tips to use the CV-Parsing right: Use automatic application capture correctly


This allows the applicant to activate CV parsing:

When the applicant clicks the following functions on the activated intro page:

  • Use XING Profile
  • Use LinkedIn Profile
  • Upload CV/Resume
  • CV via Dropbox

To activate the reading of applicant data:

Send an application to your d.vinci. 

Option 1: Via the message mailbox

The data is automatically read out as soon as you click on "Submit application" in the message.

Option 2: To the e-mail address mentioned in the Attachments tab of the application.

When sending to the address in the attachments it is important to press the corresponding button   to read the data.

If too less data is detected during the first readout, you are free to trigger the data readout again.
Proceed as follows:

  • Open the application. The Application page with the candidate's details will be displayed.
  • Press the Attachments tab. The Application page appears with the open tab.
  • Press the symbol for data readout  . Wait a moment. The Application page appears with the Attachments tab open and a note on the success of the parsing.