When an email is sent, two parameters are always transmitted regarding the sender:  Name and email address of the sender. This information is located behind the From: in the header of the e-mail.

The e-mail address for sending messages to a candidate (candidate email address) is defined in your d.vinci and enables the assignment to an application.


However, you can define the name of the sender per organizational unit.

This allows you to address your candidates in an appealing and, depending on the design, branding-compliant way.

The basic setting without adjustments is stored here in the organizational units:
Email sender: According to superordinate organizational unit

Here you can make the change so that the email sender is different from the parent organizational unit.

You have the option to generate different senders when customizing in the organizational unit:

  1. For messages that are triggered by the system, such as confirmations of receipt.
  2. For messages that users write to candidates, such as invitations, rejections etc. 

Here it is also possible to use the following placeholders of our system:

  • Name of the user responsible for the Job Opening
  • Name of the logged in  user


These are already stored as standard in the selection deviating from the superordinate organizational unit as follows.

  • Triggered by the system: Name of the user responsible for the Job Opening
  • Triggered by user: Name of the logged in user
No customization can be made here, so that messages triggered by the user will also contain the name of the responsible user.

Examples from our customers: 

  • Triggered by the system: Customer Name Career, Name of the responsible user of the Job Opening, Career at Customer Name, Application Customer Name 
  • Triggered by the user: customer name career, name of the logged in user