You have the option of automatically sending job advertisements to job markets via an interface.
The layout, the texts of the job advertisement template and the job publication are transferred to the job market. 

You can see an Overview about the job board that already know d.vinci here: Standard interfaces to job boards

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From texting, about spelling and General Act on Equal Treatment check to job board consulting or contingent management. We'll assist you with ad placement. 

Proceed as follows:

1.) Create a job publication channel 

Create a new job publication channel.

2.) Create an application portal 

Create a new application portal and select the previously created one for the job publication channel.
Portal settings:

  • Organizational unit: If you select the global unit, the publication channel is available in your entire system.
  • Enable job advertisement: Yes and if you do not have your own template for the job market, simply select the same template that you use on your homepage. However, the template should be maintained in Liquid Design. If you set the template as fixed, it will always be used for the application portal, regardless of whether you have selected a different template in the publication.
  • Questionnaire: If you have/need your own applicant questionnaire for the application portal, store it here. Otherwise, use the standard questionnaire that you also use on your homepage if it fits.
  • Application Import: Secured or StepStone (Quick Apply)

After creating the application portal, our system will generate both JSON and XML links. Please copy these into an e-mail to the contact person at the job market.


3.) Store fixed source

This step is optional. It is only required if you need a fixed source

  1. Create a new fixed source
  2. Copy the internal name. You will need to send this later in an e-mail to the job market. 


4.) Activate job opening 

Open the job opening view and set the new publication channel to ON for at least one publication.
Alternatively, you can copy an existing job opening, rename it to e.g. Test Name of Publication Channel and activate the new publication channel in this new job opening. 

The job market needs a place to test whether they can read out the data. We have achieved this with the previous settings.

5.) E-mail to the job market

Write an e-mail to the contact person of the job market.

The following data should be included in it: 

  • The two links (JSON and XML) from the application portal
  • The job title as it appears in the test publication for the job portal 
  • The documentation for the interface from our help portal: Application Programming Interface (API)
  • For fixed source, the internal name of the fixed source in the following format: "sourceId": "NAMEOFTHESOURCE"