No image is displayed for your job ad on LinkedIn and Co. or the wrong image appears?

There can be several reasons why the social media image does not appear on XING, LinkedIn and Co.

Possible reasons

An incorrect image appears: There is no social media image stored.

If you intend to share a job ad on LinkedIn, XING and Co. you should select a social media image previously created in the media in the job publication. Read more here: use social media image

No image is displayed: Size of the image

To display the social media image correctly, the image should be uploaded in the format that the social media platform needs.

Image sizes vary all the time. Please check the internet for the current requirements.

If your deposited image is too large, it often cannot be displayed. The following steps are then necessary.

  1. Upload the image in the dimensions required by the corresponding social media platform. Help: Create medium/image
  2. Select the new image in the publication. Help: Use social media image
  3. Delete the old post in the social media portal.
  4. Check the link of the job posting you want to share with an inspector of the platform. It will then delete the old, incorrect content from the platform's cache. For example, on LinkedIn, this works using this page:
  5. Post the post again.

The display should now be correct. 

Why this is necessary

Images are readily cached per link by the platforms themselves when sharing posts. That is, if the link has been shared before, LinkedIn, for example, will fall back on the image of what they remembered before (for performance and memory reasons). Often the new image is then not queried.

However, with most networks this can be triggered manually via an inspector. This also shows how good the share is or how it will look later.

Inspector we know

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