Once the Calendar Integration Plus has been set up and the service account connected, you should load your rooms to enable booking them for appointments that should take place on site. For appointment bookings by applicants, the d.vinci system can automatically book the first available room that has been created for the desired appointment location.


  • after upgrading the calendar integration from version Basic to Plus, all calendars have been reconnected
  • your rooms and users are in the same domain

Office 365 and Exchange

In order for the d.vinci system to access lists of rooms, there is a special configuration requirement for Office 365 and Exchange. Please forward the following link to the official Cronofy documentation to your IT administrator: Resource and room lists.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page Basic Settings.
  2. Open the Calendar tab.
  3. In the Calendar Integration section, click the button to load rooms.
  4. Now you can set existing locations to appointment locations or create new appointment locations and define their bookable rooms. Read more about it here: Calendar Integration Plus: Create rooms.