In the free Basic version, each user can connect their corporate calendar manually. 

In the paid Plus version of calendar integration, it is possible to centrally control and connect calendars by connecting them to a service account. Manual individual connection is no longer necessary.

Users with connected calendars can view each other's appointment availabilities.


Calendar integration must be enabled before you can perform the connection steps. Otherwise, the "My User" selection option will not appear. 

Manually Connection in the Basic-Version

Proceed as follows:

  1. Press the icon  at the top right of the blue bar. A menu folds out.
  2. Press My User.  The page with the same name is displayed.
  3. If Active:Yes is selected, the Calendar Accounts field group is displayed. In this field group, press the calendar you want to connect. You will be forwarded to the d.vinci-App for Cronofy on


    You are an administrator for d.vinci?

    In the basic settings at the calendar tab, you can make it easier for your users to select the right calendar by editing the calendar integration field group and selecting only the calendar that is used by your company.

  4. Read and accept the terms of use and data privacy policy.
  5. Press the button to connect your calendar. The log-in page for the selected service is displayed.
  6. Log in to the selected service to connect your calendar. Afterwards you will be redirected back to d.vinci and the My User page is displayed again. In the Calendar Accounts field group, your calendar is displayed with connectivity status.

Centrally controlled connection of calendars in the Plus version

The created service account makes it possible for you to make the calendar connection with any user who has the right to view/edit/create/delete users. 

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the pageUsers.
  2. First open all users whose calendars should be connected. The best way to do this is as follows:
  3. Press the mouse wheel or the combination CTRL + single left click on the icon in the user's row. The Users page will open in a new window. 
  4. Open the first tab with the first user whose calendar you want to connect.
  5. Press the tab Calendar.
  6. Press the button Connect calendar

In the section Connected calendars, behind Status, you will see the following at first: Connecting (centrally managed) and when the connection is made: Connected (centrally managed). Behind User email the email address of the user with whom the calendar is used is now displayed.

Not sure which calendars are connected?

Read more here how you can check the calendar connection.


  • Participate as organizer
    Optionally, in the Calendar integration field group, you can set whether you participate in appointments as an organizer of appointments yourself. In this case, select Yes in the Participate in own events field. When creating appointments, you will be preselected in the list of participants. Therefore, you will not be able to forget yourself. Of course, you can also remove yourself from an appointment at any time.
  • Connection loss
    If the connection of a calendar is lost for any reason, the user will receive an e-mail to his e-mail program mailbox.

    Text of the e-mail:

    Subject: d.vinci - Reconnect calendar

    Dear First name Last name,

    d.vinci is no longer connected to your calendar. To reconnect, press Reconnect calendar (link).

    Note: This email was generated automatically, for further questions please contact the HR department.


If you disable calendar integration (for your own user) (Active: No), you will no longer be able to check the availability of other users when creating appointments until it is activated again. Likewise, other users will no longer be able to see your availability.