Invite to Appointment  

The "Appointment" function must be activated in the application status first, then appointment entries can be made when the status is changed.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Select one or more applications, e.g. by opening a single application, or by moving multiple applications into the application basket for mass processing, or by selecting multiple applications in a job opening's application list.
  2. Perform a status change to an application status with appointment, e.g. Invite to first interview. The Change Application Status input form is displayed.
  3. In the field group Appointment, enter the appointment details.
  4. When inviting multiple applicants, there are two options:
    • In the Individual Appointment per Applicant field, select the option No if you want all applicants to gather at the same time.
    • Select the option Yes if you want for each applicant to come at an individual point of time. For each applicant, an appointment field is displayed. If you have filled in the fields Time and Duration above, the individual appointment fields will be prefilled. Starting with the specified appointment time, for each applicant an appointment time for the specified duration is specified. You can change these values.


      You do want to specify a different time than you first selected? Reset the values, select the option No, edit the appointment dates, then select Yes again.

  5. Select a correspondence template with an appointment placeholder. The contained appointment placeholders will be filled with the appointment dates entered above individually for each applicant.
  6. Press Perform Status Change. The applications are moved to the target status and the correspondences are dispatched.


  • The appointment appears automatically in the calendars of the appointment participants. It does not need to be confirmed separately, and no message is sent as an additional e-mail.
  • The person who creates the appointment always gets a calendar entry, because Outlook and Co. basically do not offer the possibility to create an appointment only for other people.

  Text of the appointment in the calendars: 

This text is provided by us and cannot be changed.

Title: Appointment Invitation: Salutation First name Last name

Application: Salutation First name Last name (Link)

Time: Month Date, Year at x:xx PM/AM


Organizer: First name Last name (mailto: organizer)

Job Opening:
Application Date: Date/Month/Year
Application Status: 

Please note:

The leading system for changes to this appointment is d.vinci. Manual changes to the appointment are not transmitted to d.vinci and may be lost with the next update. Link 

Check availabilities of internal participants

With the calendar integration enabled, you can view the availability of participants in advance.

Requirements for using this function

In the field group Appointment, you can now proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the participants and enter all other data for the appointment.
  2. In case one of the participants has set up the calendar connection, press  Check Availiabilities. You can see the number of connected calendars already on the button.
    On the  Check Availabilities button, you can already see how many availabilities you can check. For example (1/4) if the calendar is connected for one of four appointment participants.
  3. The Check Availability window opens. In this window, the availabilities for each week are shown.
    • It is possible that a list of participants without connected calendars will be shown. 
    • Press the arrow keys at the left or top edge of the calendar to change the displayed time (left) or week (top).
    • At the top left, you will find a legend of the color scheme used.
  4. Select a time slot within the displayed calendar. Press it again to confirm your selection.
  5. Continue with the status change.