A Screening Questions Collection bundles several Screening Questions. This can be useful if the same Screening Questions should always be added in certain situations (for example a Job Opening for apprentices). The assignment of a created Screening Question to a created Screening Question Collection is done at the Screening Question.

1. create a screening question collection

Rights required   

  • Master Data | create

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the pageMaster Data
  2. Click on Screening Question Collections. The page with the same name will be displayed. 
  3. Click on the button  Screening Question Collection. An input form is displayed.
  4. Fill in the input form
    • Display name*
    • Organizational Unit*
  5. Click on  Create to save the entries. The Screening Question Collection page with an overview of all created Screening Question Collections is displayed.
    Click on  Create and Create another. The Create Screening Question Collection input form is displayed and you can directly create the next collection. 

The collection is created but has no content yet.  You do this as follows.

2. Assign Screening Questions to the Collection

Rights required   

  • Create Screening Questions

Proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the page Screening Questions.
  2. Press on an existing question to be included in the collection or create a new screening question
  3. Press the Edit icon . An input form will be displayed.
  4. In the Screening question collection field, select the collection you created earlier.
  5. Save the change.

Now the collection is ready to use. You can revise old Job Openings and add a screening question collection or you ad a Screening Question Collection as soon as you create a new Job Opening.

3. Select Screening Question Collection at Job Openings

Rights required   

  • Create Job Openings or edit Job Openings

  1. Create or edit a Job Opening.
  2. Press the icon  at the Screening questions field. A selection menu is displayed. 
  3. Press the name of the collection you want to use. The questions will be displayed in the adjacent field. If necessary, repeat this step with other collections whose questions you want to add here.
  4. If necessary, deselect questions that you do not want to ask. 
  5. Save the changes.